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From the republic of the late s through to the grand duchy of the early seventeenth century, up to forty brigades of men called the potenze, or powers, elected kings, carved out territories, and entered into a dialogue with citizens and with their Medici patrons. This study traces the rise and fall of this carnivalesque subculture for the first time. It describes how workers represented themselves, their neighbourhoods, and their trades on the public stage through rituals such as stone-fighting and jousting, and reveals how the politics of this festive world were closely linked to everyday patterns of social bargaining around the person of the prince. In the early s the micro-states of the potenze were partially suppressed and they gradually disappeared from the Florentine urban stage. The account of this transformation presented here shows how Tridentine reform and economic crisis combined to undermine hypermasculine carnival ritual as a language of civic contract, confining the potenze to making pilgrimages to shrines and convents in the Florentine countryside. At the same time it is shown how economic and religious change empowered groups of artisan women to take up the model of the potenze in order to make their own collective pilgrimages outside the city walls. Through the story of the potenze, this book provides fresh insights into the dynamics of class and gender relations, and the nature of agency, in early modern Italy. Your Access Options Log In If you have personal access to this content, log in with your username and password here: Email or username:.

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Adesso è sede di Ingarda. The restoration work has been completed on the waiting room and the old track has been relocated outside. The building houses now the offices of Ingarda. Jetzt ist er Sitz von Ingarda. La Spiaggia degli Olivi era un elegante locale di incontro mondano e occasione di svago balneare per ospiti e residenti. La Fraglia della Imbarcazione nasceva invece come sede del amicizia nautico che ancora la gestisce. La Spiaggia degli Olivi was a chic high society meeting place and a bathing amenity for guests and residents.

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